Bonvoyage Sydney

I’m sitting in the Sydney international airpor lounge awaiting the call for boarding for the rest of us plebs. It was just moments ago that I was waived off by Jennifer… She was really wonderful, she went to the nth degree to ensure that my departure would be a smooth one. Bought me lunch, chewing gum, locks for my bag (whole bother story) and calmed me when I was getting a little bit stressed.

I also said good bye to mum and dad… Dad, what a character… He wanted to drop me off at departures then drive to arncliffe and walk back so he didn’t have to pay for parking. He never spares a cent when it comes to saving a dollar. Suppose that’s how he stays positive. I mean the guy preferred to drive for twenty minutes to save two dollars on a bottle of scotch than to just buy the first one he sees. He always said if you don’t go and look you will never know how much something will be… I am going to take that attitude with experiences… You will never know what an experience offers until you do it your self… So go and look! Thanks dad.

Mum… No doubt you are in some sort of blithering mess… Woop… Here’s the call I’ll be back in the air! … So I’m on the plane just awaiting the taxi procedure. There was a slight mix up with the seating, have to thank the evil man at the board desk for that… Prick lol. I’ve had about a dozen texts wishing me well I can’t wait to started… This is going to rock!

Back to mum… I love you and I am sure that you will do just fine with out me… So about mum. She is just a bundle of love. She is an inspiration to me. I don’t think she really had the chance to show her full potential. Dad took every opportunity to tell me how the world has made his life difficult… I only heard mums story in the last few months. She made me feel that not every thing is as bad as it seems and that on the whole the difficulty I’ve had in the past few months is just a speed hump on the journey of life. I mat explore that more later… Or I will have a drink in some London pub.

What am I going to do when I get there? In the wise words of the clearly confused, I have NFI. Well there’s the simple plan… Get off the plane, and catch the tube to Andrew and Kim… Bet their looking forward to seeing me… Not! Lol no, it’s not that they dislike me or anything, it’s more that they don’t know me and vise verse. I look forward to getting to know them and even more importantly I look forward to hitting the bus about website and making my booking! Vry annoyed that the website does not save our current travel plans but that’s the nature of these things

Well guys we are not too far from tasting and I am about to take advantage of the in-flight entertainment! Oh yeah.

So in flight entertainment… That’s pretty cool huh? I’ve already watched The Mechanic and I am now half way through the adjustment bureau. I thought I would take a break and add to this journal kind of thing… Maybe it will help establish who I am… That sounded too deep! So I’ve put on Mary J Blige. I haven’t heard her stuff for a while… Refreshing change.

I’m actually writing from 30000 feet or 11kms in the air… Nice huh? Shortly after a rainy take off we saw the sun rise!… Well actually we came through the clouds and continued to rise until the sun came out from the horizon. We then followed it and saw a slow setting sun as we cruised at about 850kph.  We had dinner, it was braised lamb and steamed veggies… The menu made it sound so much better than it actually was… Get this:
Carrot and celery salad with balsamic dressing

Slow Braised Lamb in a tomato and anchovy Sauce with spring onion Potato Puree.
Cheese and crackers
This was meant to be followed by ice cream… I’ll have to have words with the staff… You leave your seat for one moment and you nearly lose your ice cream.

Update I am 40 mintes from Singapore, sitting in a dimly lit A380. It’s five to ten local Time and five to twelve Sydney time… Dad was right, it has been a long day. I met a nice lady named Angela. She seems to be about mum and dads age and she is o her way to Singapore to witness her nieces wedding. She was even nice enough to give me a chocolate. “who’s a lucky boy then?”

I am not sure exactly how long the stopover is at SIN but I will try and make the most of it with a good stretching of the legs and perhaps some airport photos!


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