Singapore to London

Entry two: 12/06/11
okay so I diddnt take that many photos. We stopped at the airport for about 45 mins. Just enough time to get out the plane, freshen up and then have to re enter security screening. Low and behold they felt it necessary to pat me down.  Pft… I’m harmless.
I took a couple of photos but I was too tired with out enough time to do anything.

It’s now 03:30 London time and I think it’s around 12:30 in Sydney. We are at 40000 ft heading west over Ukraine.
The sun is out and we’ve seen another sunrise… Actually come to think of it I recall seeing a lightning storm in the distance last night… Heaps of activity, it was like one of those static electricity orbs you could get from Granny Mays.
I didn’t have my camera close to me or I would have recorded it. Darn.

I am really tired, I think I am going to need at least two days to get back to London time… I tried my best to sleep last night but I think I am just one of those people that can’t sleep on planes. Yeah sucks to be me… But on the other hand I am three hours away from London Yay!

Hmmm I watched 4 episodes of big bang theory, The Sting concert Live in Berlin listened to some music and tried to sleep…. Think I tried too hard because it didn’t work lol.

For dinner last night we had
Cous cous salad (mental note… Cows cous can only be used in a salad so long as it is not the main ingredient,)
Javanese style chicken curry with fragrant rice ( it was normal rice… Maybe the brand is called “Fragrent”. Curry was good though… Even had a bit of spice 🙂
And for dinner peach and saffron vermicelli pudding ( it was a reminder that I don’t like vermicelli)

Since I am talking about food… Te breakfast that will be served soon is:
Orange juice
Fruit salad
Strawberry yoghurt
Pain Au Rasin
Then either Cerial or
Hot breakfast of Mushroomand Spinach Frittatas with sausage and slow roast tomato.

Seems okay. I could use a bit of a feed. My tummy is grumbling.

So my tummy was eventually satisfied, breakfast was ordinary… I’m not even going to dwell on it because … guess What? I’m in London!

I landed at 06:45ldn. As we flew in admittedly it became real. I almost became teary… I had to man up and held them in. London put on it’s predictable best for me. Overcast and drizzle! I could see green hills and period buildings as we came in. As Jen would say… It was Awesome.

I don’t think that anyone actually knows their way around Heathrow, everyone has to follow signs… The place is huge!-… If I wasn’t so wired I would have taken a picture of the hallways that seem to go on for as far as the eye could see. But I just wanted to get out of there! I was wearing a leatherjacket and carried my yd bag and the red day bag. When I got to the luggage carousel and eventually got my bags, it dawned on me that I had to carry all this gear furthermore it dawned on me that I smelled and looked like I had had a 23hr flight. So my back pack and suitcase were 23.5kgs, there was no way in the world that my camera, computer bag and day pack bag were under 10kgs. Let’s say it was 12 kgs. I had to lug about 35 kgs onto the tube from Heathrow. I eventually found my way to Turnham Green. This is where my lack of sleep really kicked in. I called Kim and she said that Andrew would be round to get me in a few minutes. I had been waiting for a little while when I saw this car pull up, I didn’t quite make out the driver, but in the back was Kim with two kids… Well at least that’s what I thought when I opened the back of the hatchback to put my bags in and the driver who now was obviously not Andrew said, “I think you may have the wrong car” I look  over my shoulder and there’s Andrew giggling and was impressed that i had started making friends so soon… Whoops!
After that astronomical stuff up I have decided that i am going to catch up on some sleep!
Andrew and I walked to his place where I was introduced to two beautiful little girls, George and Charlie, George is an excitable two year old who loves having visitors, she even told me that I have to go and see the London eye and big Ben. Charlie on the other hand is still a bub and has just started crawling and pulling herself up on low lying furniture.

The family has gone out to have a swim and I am going to crash on the sofa!
I am done! Hey… Sleep… I’m coming to get you!



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3 responses to “Singapore to London

  1. Angela

    Love it Lewie! Keep safe… And have a fantastic adventure!

  2. Hi Lewie,

    I did’nt realise you were leaving so soon!

    We caught up with Andre in Melbourne last week and he told us you were on your way to London. Good Luck! I envy you….so many new experiences….so little time. Hey, have ever considered writing for a living? I,m very impressed with you blog and look forward to following your journey.

    Take care,


    • Fitz, the thought has crossed my mind… I think I write best when my mind is running on the same time as the city I’m in LOL.
      I will try and make my blog entries as detailed as I can… Time and Sanity allowing of course.

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