Jet lag status: Minimal

It’s Monday morning and I have been up for two and a half ours, Jet lag woke me up this morning at 2:30 but because I was so extraordinarily tired, I was able to get back to sleep without too much difficulty. It does help that I had been up for about 36 hours. We will just have to see how  feel tonight.

Yesterday evening was nice. Andrew and Kim took me for a walk down High Street to one of their locals, I took a couple of pictures of high street and a typical double decker bus (which I intend to catch through London today). We went to a nice restaurant/cafe/bar called Sam’s. I had a beer, but contrary to what most would expect I did not have a local beer, My first beer in London was an URQUELL, its a Czec Pilsner. I think tonight, since my body clock is closer to London time, I will try some local brew. As for today though, my plan is to get lost in London.

I have to get my Bank account finalized, I am told that my bank card and account are already waiting for me. I also have to get a prepayed mobile phone sim. So Good times Good times! Ill post again soon!



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3 responses to “Jet lag status: Minimal

  1. Joel

    Jet Lag should clear quickly on the way there…

    Get on the underground pal, now that is funky.

  2. Glad you arrived Safe and sound! Remember to update as much as possible!!!!! xoxoxox

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