Day Three.

My third day in London began with another early start. It certainly wasn’t by choice, If there is one thing that I am completely aware of its my reluctance to wake early. It seems that jetlag has a completely different plan for me because I got up at 4:50 am. That may sound early but truth be told that its two and a half hours later than I woke the night before, and for the record I am writing this at 6am and woke up today just a few minutes ago. But I am talking about yesterday so back to the blog.

I kicked off the morning with my blog update and while doing so was called on Skype by mum and dad. An early morning chat with the folks! It was great to hear from them, It was even better to learn that London’s weather has been better than Sydney! Perhaps it has something to do with the southern hemisphere being in winter but who’s complaining.

I generally kicked around the house yesterday and after finishing my bookings I needed some brain food. Blogging and booking takes time and energy so I took a stroll down High Street Chiswick and had a “Small Breakfast”. One slice of toast, one egg, a rasher of bacon, baked beans, mushrooms and a small sausage all for £3.30. I walked for about a half hour down high street then made my way back to the house.

After some well over due Skype calls, lunch, and general tatting about, I eventually walked down Chiswick Lane to the Thames. I walked along the Thames to a pub called The Old Ship. Its a nice pub on the river. Being situated beside a park I am told that its not uncommon for families to picnic on the park and wonder over from the pub with a pint in hand.

I took the opportunity to have a pint and pork scratchings while reading Sherlock Holmes. Funny how its easier to read a book when you are familiar with the quoted locations.

What started as a lazy morning soon turned into an eventful evening. I got back to the house to find Andrew and Kim doing a BBQ dinner. Their eldest daughter had an hilarious event with a chilli sausage! Since she had a big day going to day care, Georgia was being a two year old. After being given a barbequed sausage she  said, with the command of most two year olds, “I don’t want that one” then pointing to the spicy sausage “I want that one!”. After some mother daughter banter, she got her wish. Poor Georgia soon learned why she was given what she was given. “Water…water!” exclaimed poor little Georgia who now was feeling the full effects of the spicy sausage. She had her water then after taking a break and finishing her potatoes and salad, she must have forgotten the sausage was hot because she quickly chomped her way through what was left of her sausage… three seconds later… “WATER!” she had her water and we gave her some bread, but somehow I get the impression that she likes spicy food… it was just a little too spicy. lol.

The evening soon came and I had made arrangements to catch up with Jocelyne Doherty and Cyndy Grantham (I don’t know her married name) We said we would meet at Starbucks in Hammersmith. I got there at about seven thirty and went in, The girls hadn’t arrived. I then went outside and had another look around, they must be on their way I thought. I turned back to the doors of Starbucks and the staff were locking the doors… hmmm what to do, I know, Head over to the pub! Conveniently there was one across the road with seats outside that overlooked Starbucks. I went in and asked for a lemon squash. The blank look on the face of the bartender suggested that either he didn’t understand me, couldn’t hear me or that he was a zombie and was still trying to figure out why the meat is talking. I said “A lemon soda please” He said “I’ve only got lime is that okay?” holding up a slice of lime that he intended to put into soda water.
“Have you got any Solo?”
“I’ll have a Coke then”
“have you got lift ?”
“just the coke then thanks”
“Not a problem, Will that be all?”

Dude, maybe its time to consider a role change because at the moment perhaps you will be more useful as a hatstand. Any way, I sat outside and patiently waited for the girls. After about 15 minutes I thought it prudent to call and see what had happened, I got through to Cindy and suggested that perhaps there was more than one Starbucks in Hammersmith and we were at different ones. Turns out there are, and we were! (lol)

We met up and went to the Old Fire Station in Hammersmith. It was a nice pub, heaps of space, and best of all, they have a Foosball Table! We had a game, and although I started strong, I was eventually defeated.

Jocelyn, Cindy… I demand a rematch!

We sat up till about 11pm talking about the finer things in life. I had a wonderful time with Joce and Cindy, No doubt I will catch up with Joce when I get back.

Well time for me to get my day started, and the word for today is… Sleeping Bag!


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  1. Hello Lewie,

    You seem to be settling in fine, pity about being beaten at Foosball by a girl though (lol) , The weather looks great….look forward to reading more about your in the UK. Remember not write less as you get more occupied!

    Take care,


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