Paris Day One.

I woke up the next morning fresh and ready to go. I packed my things and went back to St Christopher’s hostel.
I arrived in time to have breakfast and which was just Cereal juice bread and coffee… First score for the day… They had Nutella!
I won’t elaborate so much here but to say that in the morning I did the free walking tour of Paris. Its a three and a half hour tour of Paris covering a lot of the major city sites. Today I got to see the statue at the palace St. Michel, then we made our way to the first settle point of Paris. We walked past some statues that I can’t remember the name of. We also crossed the bridge from the Bourne Identity, not to mention the bridge from Sex in the city. We went through the square of the Louvre past the main entrance which I attempted to jump, and through the gardens to the Egyptian Oblisque. we walked a part of the way up the Champs Élysées to the Grand Palace and the Petite Palace.

We went out for dinner at a French restaurant then I headed back to the hostel for a relatively early night.


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