Paris day two

After doing the day tour the day before I was wrecked. But I wasn’t going to let something as frivolous as physical pain stop me from today’s adventures.
I made a plan nevertheless less and did my best to stick to it, this was my las day and I intended to make the most of it!
I kicked off the day with a visit to the Louvre. The guide from the day before told us about the lesser known entrance, the Lions entrance. This meant that I did not have to stand in a long line or get up ridiculously early to got to the front of that line… I got to the lions entrance and there was no one.. Not a soul… The main entrance at this time had about 500 people waiting to get in… Ridiculous!
I was happy to take my insider tip and use it to it’s full potential. I allowed 3hrs to explore the Lourve and hind sight suggests that two days would have been a better amount of time. I got to see the major attractions including Mona Lisa, the last supper and the the winged victory of samothrace… Not to mention the hundreds of others that I just about ran past.

After the Louvre,I had to do my photo challenge, challenge one, Eiffel tower poking me in the bum, I did that and then caught the metro to the Arc De Triumph. Oh so cool, I had a small run in with a pick pocket trying to sell me a dodgey ring he found on the floor in front of me… Well he probably put it there, but I was able to continue on my merry way without any incident.

Next stop, tour of Montmartre. Loved it, loved it loved it! We had a wonderful guide that was funny and engaging, casual and just down right cool. Did the tour, saw the view from the top of the hill, saw “terminator” Jesus, a silver statue of Jesus in the Sacred Coeur Basilica, and not to mantion the view of Paris,

I met a group of Americans while on the tour and an Aussie that came from south west Sydney, crazy small world. We decided to all go on the pub crawl tour and we ended up having a ball until I had to leave because I knew I was on the bus first thing in the morning. I did get to see the Mulin Rouge and I had an Absinthe, actually my very first absinthe just a stones throw from the Mulin Rouge. I would have liked to have had it in the traditional way but a shot would Just have to do.
Awesome night and a great time!



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2 responses to “Paris day two

  1. Lewie, sounds like you are having an absolutely amazing time!!!! but your first photo challenge was to get the tower pocking you in the butt??? what are your others???

    am loving your blog – totally entertaining like always xoxoxox stay safe

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