Chocolate, Beer and Chips with Mayo!

What better way to start a trip to Bruges than to watch “In Bruges” on the bus on the way in. Bruges is a beautiful town in Belgium, this was going to be my relaxation time between my big night out in Paris and going to Amsterdam. This quaint little heritage listed town makes for the perfect back drop to a quiet nap, or so the plan was.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and a lot of the shops were closed. I got to stroll through the town, have a look at some wonderfully beautiful medieval architecture. It’s been kept as original as possible and still has a town wall and moat.

I did a bit of sight seeing, and got my first taste of hot chips with mayonnaise. Their mayo is different to what we have in Sydney, it’s wonderfully creamy and thick. This in itself was a great experience, sitting among tall medieval churches in the town square in the sun with an orchestra playing a free concert in the middle of the square.

I went back to the hostel, checked in and got a drink at the bar. It was at that point that it started to rain… Oh well… Just meant that I had to have another drink. Two guys came in and started to chat and then we had another beer. That beer turned into another and so on and so forth until it was about 5pm and I realized that it this rate I wasn’t going to see the town. I peeled my self from the bar and hired a bicycle.

I got a bike and took a casual ride around the town. I found the open shops that were all high fashion. I even found the Mac store in Bruges. Being such a picturesque place I couldn’t help but take a photo of the canal. While there, someone else’s bike fell over right next to the canal and the bag that was attached fell into the canal… I was the only person who noticed at first and drew the attention of the wait staff of the adjacent restaurant. There was a bit of commotion then lots of laughter when it became apparent that the bag was not easily going to be retrieved.

I rode around for about 40 mins after that when i found myself heading the wrong way down a one way street. I thought it was a little funny, but the police coming the other way were probably not so amused. They suggested I either turn around or walk the bike around the corner. It was that point when it began to rain so I went back to the hostel, returned the bike and went back to the bar.

There are over 400 beers available in Belgium and they are all available in Bruges, you just have to know where to go… Since i was certain that I wouldn’t get through all 400 I just stayed at the one bar and had a couple more before going to bed.

I won’t elaborate on day two, but in brief, it rained for a while. Then I went up the bell tower, 366 steps of spiral staircase goodness. The view made it worth it. My bike tour was cancelled due to bad weather and I then spent the rest of the night in the pub… So much for quiet and relaxing. Welcome to sleeping in and hangover grrr.


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