Italian Adventure – Sorrento

Sorrento is a beautiful small town across the bay from Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. A breathtaking town that inspires your inner Italiano. If you have only seen the big cities of Italy then you need to experience this classically Italian town with it’s wonderful cafe’s, beautiful restaurants and big Italian persona’s that you may have expected but didn’t get to see.

These are some of the things that our Busabout guide Ereni told us about earlier well before we wound our way down the mountain to this coastal town. As we descended through the tight streets with our bus driver Giovani showing his skill, I found myself becoming excited. We drove through the town centre as Ereni continued to tell us about this wonderful location.

We then made our way up the winding ascent to our accommodation. I was so looking forward to my “upgraded” accommodation. I couldn’t bare another night in a tent. We got off the bus and were called up individually to collect our keys. As the names were read out I was actually getting looking forward to my private room. Finally my name is called and with keys and site map in hand, I head to my accommodation.

Okay, on the positive side, it was not a tent, in that a tent is usually made of material. No, this was a cabin, four hard walls with a lockable door, a double bed and a light. I still had to walk 30 metres or so to use a shower, and that walk was over dirt and gravel. Perhaps if I was to do this again I would consider upgrading to the motel accommodation. The cabin was less than I had expected, but it turned out to be just what I needed. It was surrounded by trees and offered a nice view of the camp with a glimpse of the ocean. Now acquainted with my accommodation I dropped my kit, freshened up and met up with the group for our exploration of Sorrento.

After catching the public bus down to the Maggore’ Piazza, which seemed to me to be the main square of Sorrento, I was taken aback by the view of the Via Luigi De Maio. From the Piazza, the view out to the ocean along the Via Luigi De Maio was just surreal. There is a hairpin corner that is 20 metres below the piazza and the road leads out to the ocean. Gorgeous.

A short walk away we all bought a drink for the view that was about to be presented to us. The sun was out, a fresh ocean breeze was about and with drink in hand we came to a public viewing platform where before us in its brilliant blue splendid glory was the Mediterranean ocean. I doubt that there was one person in the group that wasn’t moved by the view. The private beaches below have umbrellas and floating chairs for hire. The shadows from the chairs on the ocean floor were visible through the crystal clear water. This was the point that I forgot about everything else in the world and felt like I was on holiday.

We wondered through the streets and markets and took made sure we got some Gelato. There was a shop with 60 flavours of that I was keen to get a piece of. The shops and markets were bustling and well worth some exploration with big Italian personalities but none more so than Limoncello man!

Limoncello Chocolate Courtesy of Confetti & Agrumetti.


Limoncello Man as we had affectionately come to know him or rather Antonio, gave us a wonderful demonstration of how to make Limoncello. We had a taste test of traditional Limoncello, then we had Limoncello chocolates. Antonio had all of the girls swooning and the guys bewildered. He was simply brilliant to watch.

When it came time to make our purchases, Antonio serenaded the girls as he manned the till singing in Italian and in English just a few lines to each person that he served. Antonio and his staff were very friendly and welcoming and hopefully I will get the chance to again visit his store.



Sorrento obviously isn’t just about breathtaking views and winding roads, its also in the region of Italy known for Pesto. We walked up a cobbled stone street to a restaurant where the group enjoyed some authentic Italian dining. I cannot at all remember the name of the restaurant but it was a great opportunity get to know some of the people we had already spent hours in the bus with. Our meal was in Ereni’s words…

“The antipasto was bruschetta with tomato, primo piatto was zucchini penne, secondo piatto was either the white fish fillet with fresh tomato sauce or the veal with a lemon cream sauce, and the dolce was either profiteroles or tiramisu. Yummmmm my mouth is watering now ^_^” Ereni on Facebook

Thanks for the reminder Ereni.

This was the first time I had been on a Busabout “Adventure”. This was more of a traditional tour and included people of all ages. We would explore Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi coast together over the next three days. Although the activities are not compulsory, I enjoyed being with the rest of the group and having this shared experience to discuss over the course of the trip.

After dinner it was time to explore the night life. For locals, this means its time for “The Passaggiare” which simply translates from Italian to stroll or walk. People walk through the streets in the cool respite of the evening and take the time to socialize. For us, we would wonder through the street market, take in some (more) gelato, and join the locals in this nightly exercise. This was my favourite thing about Sorrento. Families, walking trough the streets enjoying their town.

Done taking the beauty of the streets on such a clear warm night, some of the group went back to the campsite. For the rest of us, it was time for a cocktail. A quaint cocktail bar hidden in the side streets of Sorrento where free-pouring is the norm was where we loosened up. An Italian Flag, a Mohito and a Whiskey sour later had all of me ready to dance. I wont even go into the rest of the night but to say that the last of us were back at the camp at around 3am.

Our Busabout guide Ereni made sure that all of us were back safely which meant that she was one of the last to get to sleep. I was already keen to find out what the morning would bring because there already wasn’t enough night to get a good night sleep. Suddenly, my mere cabin, seemed like a palace sine all I wanted was a bed. Awesome night!


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