Italian Adventure – Sorrento Night two

This is only a small entry to show some photo’s from the night after exploring Capri.

After a long but incredible day in Capri, we returned to  Sorrento. I broke away from the group with two girls from the group who were keen on again enjoying the Passaggiare.

The three of us went to a wonderful little restaurant that had live music and a brilliant menu. This Seafood Risotto was by far and away the best meal that I enjoyed in Italy. It was certainly the culmination of the company the music and the atmosphere that mate the meal fantastic.

I was surprised to see a Christmas shop across the way open and selling all sorts of baubles, decoration trinkets and the usual festive fare. I refreigned from the festive allure of the store but was enticed enough to take some photos.

We wondered through a vast array of stores that sold everything from spices and food through to shoes and clothing. The usual touristy stores were also there but you don’t feel overwhelmed by them or any other kind of store for that matter.

At one point we heard the sound of a gypsy band playing. We followed the music until we came to a square. We found the band and two girls started dancing to the music. Before I could ready my camera for a good shot, they disappeared. So random.

Needless to say that we visited the Gelato shop with over 60 flavors to choose from. If you get to try gelato in Italy, you must try the ricotta and pear flavor, its absolutely incredible.

We finished our Gelato and explored the stores for hours before catching the bus back to the camping village. This was a perfect night and I was really thankful to have such wonderful company.

Sorrento is an amazing place that I will certainly visit again.


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