Nice and Monaco Pt. 2

We walked up the hill towards the Casino, and through the tunnel below the Fairmont hotel. My personal passion for fast cars had me in heaven as we saw super car after super car drive through the tunnel trying to make as much noise as possible. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mazarati. The throaty bellowing of a Lamborghini Mercialago just about made my day.

We continued on to the front entrance of the Fairmont Hotel. If you are familiar with the Monaco F1 track, it is located on the world famous Grand Hotel Hairpin. In front of the hotel was again a plethora of big name cars. It was at this point that I decided that I wanted to do something big. I have dreamed of driving a Ferrari, and if ever there was a place to do it, this was it. We went inside the hotel and made a booking for the following day to drive a Ferrari around Monaco.

I made the booking with a friend I met while traveling, We were both ecstatic! The buzz was extraordinary. We were envisioning a James Bond-esque moment(yes I know James bond would have driven an Aston). Just the thought of what we were going to do was thrilling.

We put our aspirations aside and continued our aptly paced walk through Monaco and decided that it was time to head back to Nice.

The following day we again arrived at the Fairmont and confirmed our booking at the front desk for our drive. It was still some time before the car would arrive so we went to the bar and ordered a Red Bull each. Two drinks came to 21 euros. This was a clear reminder that we were in Monaco. Sure the two drinks were served with a complimentary snack selection on a three tiered tray with olives, crisps and nuts, but still, there was a slight hesitation. We gave in and just enjoyed the experience. Sitting at the bar and overlooking the ocean with the anticipation of fulfilling a childhood dream.

There was one small issue we didn’t take into account, the weather. It was raining… No matter, it was merely moments until our drive. We sat in the foyer for a few minutes when we saw a red car pull up. Adrenalin started to kick in. The Ferrari F430 Spider came to a halt.

We confidently walked to the car that we would soon be driving. Already people started taking photos of the car. We spoke to the driver and it was at that point that our hopes were crushed. He explained that it was too wet and we would not be allowed to drive the car. Like taking a gift away from a child at Christmas, we were devastated. We had passed up on exploring the Monaco castle, and visiting the Nice old town to do this, we were gutted. The driver asked if we would like to reschedule for the following day, which we accepted but this time we would be in Nice departing from the Casino Ruhl. That being the case, we hit the hotel casino. I lost 20 euros on the roulette wheel, but it lasted a little while. I’m not really one for gambling but it was a good way on the day to vent. Well that and a decent drink at least.


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