Florence, Italy – Day One

The first morning I decided to check out the Statue of David. check out the leather markets and the Statue of David. I was absolutely gob smacked to see so many stalls all selling similar items. Well everything leather at least. The streets were lined as far as the eye could see with leather stalls. Long coats, jackets, vests, pants, underwear, wallets, purses, handbags, man-bags, laptop bags, jewelery boxes, belts, straps and just about everything else your leather imagination will allow you to dream up. Continue reading


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Florence, Italy

Arriving at the Plus Hostel Florence for the first time initially gave me the same feeling I had in Prague. The tall gates that were opened for the bus to drive through was intimidating. The buildings cubist appearance was not exactly welcoming and seeing the Top Deck bus in the lot once we were in made me feel as though this was going to be another ordinary hostel experience. Gladly, I was very mistaken. Continue reading

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On the way to Florence, we stopped at a small town in Italy called Orvieto. This quaint town with tight cobble stoned alley ways dates back to the Etruscan era. It’s prominently perched upon a piece of volcanic rock and visitors access the town with via theĀ  funicular, a cable train that runs strait up the hill.

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Return to Rome

My time is Sorrento was such an amazing experience, I was actually disappointed to be returning to Rome. Again I would stay at Camping Roma but this time I had arranged to stay in a cabin and not a tent. Continue reading

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Launch of Online Store

Some of my favorite images are now available for purchase at http://www.redbubble.com/people/llewellyndesign. So no matter where in the world you are you can get high quality prints of these select photographs in a number of format options. From Canvasses and framed pieces to post cards and posters, they are all available.

There is a link in the side bar so you can get there easily. Oh by the way… Christmas is coming. (hint hint).

Okay back to the important things, I will have my next post up very soon. I have been working on launching my business here in London and I can now return this blog back business lol. The next post is the return to Rome, then I will be covering Florence, Cinqe Terra then Nice and Monaco!

Until then, Caio.


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Bright Lights

Another quick post, I take a break for the moment from reminiscing on my European journey to share with you a photo I took in London on Regent street. The Christmas lights here are incredible, I am going to have to go out again to try and get some different perspectives.

Christmas feels different here… Its colder (lol). People are more into it. I think I may even visit Henley’s toy shop just to see what it’s like at Christmas time.

Anyway, I will have to post an update to my euro trip soon.

Regent Street at Christmas.

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Italian Adventure Amalfi Coast

It was a Sunday morning and we were up very early to leave Sorrento. We were going to travel along one of Italy’s most famous stretches of road and by leaving early we could avoid most of the trouble.

Again Ereni, our tour guide, was bright and cheerful. How she keeps it up I have no idea but it is great to see someone so enthusiastic. Also, Giovanni the bus driver was back again. We packed the bus and departed. Continue reading

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