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New Items in Store

As you know, I have my work available on Red Bubble for purchase, I have recently added some new work and would love your feedback. If you haven’t had a look at Llewellyndesign.com then you may not have been aware that I have an ongoing promotion. Each week I will select one of my works to be offered at a sale price. All formats will be discounted. Maybe it will be your favorite piece? The catch being that I will not say which one it is, you will have to hunt for the bargain.

I would like to thank everyone for your ongoing support and encouragement, and my trip so far has been a blast. Stay posted for my update to Llewellyn Abroad for my time in Cinque Terra which was since devastated by torrential flooding, I will find out how the towns have recovered. Following that I will post about Nice and Monaco.

Until then, Happy Hunting!



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