Links of interest

I’ve decided to try and add links to information that have somehow influenced my trip, I may not update this page often, but I will try and keep the content relevant

Busabout – How I got around Europe!

Cool Accomodation:
Cesky Kromlov, Czech Republic – Hostel 99 This was possibly the best hostel I stayed in… it was intimate and welcoming, like staying at a friends place. Have to back there!
Greunau, Austria – The Treehouse Hostel – Tranquil and welcoming. Crystal clear water, and alpine surrounds.

British High Commission, Canberra – How to apply for a UK visa from Australia
UK Border Agency
– for Visa’s and applications to live in the UK
Stuck in London – Guide for living working and playing in London
TNT Magazine – The perfect guide for Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans in London
1st Contact – If you don’t want to do all the legwork your self, there are companies that can help… This is one of many.
HSBC – I used HSBC, there are a few ways to set up your bank account, you can chose what suits you.
Transport for London – This is a travel planner website for London Public Transport
– Chain of Aussie pubs throughout the UK. Great for Australasian sport or a quick fix for home sickness. lol. The link is to Shepherds Bush, the one I went to.
Big Bus Tours – This is a great introduction to London, the inclusions will easily fill up a whole day.

Last update: 16/08/11

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